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Roof Waterproofing is an important part of every household. Leaking roof can lead to more serious household problems such as electrical trippings and short circuits. It may also cause damage to wood floors, internal furniture, and the internal structure of the house. Through several roof waterproofing methods, any damage in your household can be prevented.

M3 Multiservices Pte Ltd is one of the leading roof waterproof contractors in Singapore. Aside from waterproofing, the company also offers services in building coating, minor works in construction, and other general contract work as well as painting.

For 9 years, M3M has built a loyal clientele. Fulfilling its mission of achieving full customer satisfaction, the company has helped its clients in solving their waterproofing issues by using the most updated and latest technologies.

Roof waterproofing in singapore

Roof Waterproofing Singapore

The roof is the most important cover of houses and buildings. It protects us from the elements like sunlight, rain, and winds. However, because of this, the roof is one part of the house that is commonly damaged. Weather and natural elements can cause significant damage to the roof. There is why Roof waterproofing shouldn't be taken lightly. When the roof is damaged, leakage could happen soon after. Some other reasons that cause roof damage/leakage are:

Broken or Missing Shingles

Winds and rains can cause removal or damage to roof shingles. It is easily noticed by looking for a missing piece or a piece that has a different hue in the roof.

Age of Roof

As time passes, roofing material may naturally weaken over time. Harsh weather and sunlight commonly affect the deterioration of the roof, which makes it prone to leakage.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters may be clogged with things like leaves, branches, and other debris. The presence of these things makes it harder for rainwater to flow, which can lead to leakage.


Improper installation of the skylight makes room for water to leak.

Roof Vents

Roofs are prone to cracks and vents. Water passes through these vents into the inner parts of the house such as the walls and ceiling.


Holes may appear on the roof because of branches, or things put in the roof, such as antennas or cable satellites.

roof waterproofing SOLUTIONS

There are various options in order to maintain the quality of your roof. Here are some of the solutions for roofing problems:

Roof Wash

Periodically cleaning the roof helps in making sure that lichen and moss
do not grow on the surface, as it may damage and/or weaken the roof.

Cleaning the gutter, especially after heavy rainfall is also ideal.

Roof Replacement

Old roof tiles can be replaced with new ones. Along with that, there should be an inspection of the roof’s structure, to make sure that it is intact and damage-free. The process roof replacement does not only replace the damaged parts of the roof, but it looks at the whole roof’s condition for other possible damages or problems.

Roof Rejuvenation

Also known as roof re-coating. This method extends the lifespan of roof tiles. It delays further repairs to the roof by about 10 to 20 years.

M3M services has been recognised as one of the best waterproofing contractors under Best in Singapore, and they offers various roof leakage repairs to various roof surfaces, like Reinforced Concrete Flat Roof, Sloped Tiled Roof and Awnings, Metal Roofs and Special Materials Roofs and Awnings. In order to know the best option for your house, you may contact M3M for an on-site consultation.


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