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Roof Waterproofing in Singapore

Roof waterproofing is not only a good way to avoid leakage in your home but is also an essential process for any homeowner, especially in Singapore, where the cost of housing is incredibly high.

Singapore currently ranks as the world’s 2nd most expensive housing market, with Hong Kong claiming the top spot. The average price of residential private property in Singapore is approximately *1,185,740 SGD (874,372 USD). Because of the high price of real estate, it is only common sense to have roof waterproofing in Singapore, in order to protect the strength, integrity, and value of your property.

Because Singapore is a tropical country, light to heavy rain is to be expected all year round. Rains, along with the strong heat from the sun and occasional winds can do serious damage to your roof. Cracks on the roof can turn into leaks during the rainy season, which may then lead to a multitude of problems such as damaged furniture and electrical appliances, weakening of the walls and overall structure of your house, as well as health factors such as the formation of mold and mildew, that can cause all sorts of respiratory problems.

Roof waterproofing can help mitigate all of these problems, and protect not only the integrity of your home but also everything and everyone inside. M3M services offer many options and procedures available for your roof waterproofing solutions in Singapore. However, it’s important to have basic knowledge of the options and procedures involved beforehand, to help you make informed decisions on your roof waterproofing needs.

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Different kinds of Roofs for Waterproofing in Singapore

Before we get into the different methods of waterproofing, it is important to know the different types of roofs and why the need for waterproofing in the first place, to get a better understanding of the right methods used.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are fairly common because they are fairly cheap, lightweight, easy to install and replace. However, because they are made out metal, these roofs are prone to corrosion or rusting, due to the presence of water and oxygen, which may then lead to holes, resulting in an overall weakening of the roof.

RC Roof

The RC roof is basically a flat surface of reinforced concrete, most commonly found on HDB flats, prone to leaks due to its porous nature, and because concrete expands and contracts due to heat and cold, which may lead to cracks where water can seep through. Also, because RC roofs are commonly flat, they are more prone to having puddles of water, which makes it more prone to leakage.

Pitched Roof

Pitch roofs are designed to let water slide down to the gutter due to their overlapping structure, preventing it from accumulating on the surface. However, the unforgiving forces of nature will eventually cause wear and tear on pitched roofs, creating cracks and damage that can lead to leaks.

Roof Waterproofing Methods

  • Waterproofing Membrane
    A waterproofing membrane is a thin layer of material that is water-tight, preventing water from seeping through. A waterproofing membrane is laid over the surface area in order to make it waterproof. Two common waterproofing membranes are the:
    • Torch Membrane – a pre-formed waterproofing membrane made of modified bitumen, designed to be flexible, resilient, and resistant to punctures. When installing the membrane, heat is applied to the overlapped edges using the torching method, thus creating a uniform waterproof layer on the surface of the roof.
    • Liquid Membrane – a waterproofing membrane, that is applied in liquid form on the surface of the roof in multiple layers, using rollers, brush, or spray equipment, which then solidifies when dry, creating a waterproof surface.
  • Joint Sealant
    Joint sealant is an elastic, flexible moisture-curing material that is used to seal gaps and cracks on the surface of the roof, preventing water from seeping in.
  • Roof Waterproofing Foil
    This is the cheapest form of roof waterproofing, making use of a specialized waterproof foil to keep water from seeping into the roof.
  • Paint Waterproofing
    Waterproof paint can be applied on the surface of the roof either by hand or by spraying. Waterproof paint is very thin so it must be applied in 2 – 4 layers to make it durable.

Cost of Waterproofing in Singapore

M3M offers a wide array of roof waterproofing services in Singapore, from RC flat roofs, sloped tiled roofs, and awnings, to metal roofs and special material roofs, for incredibly good prices which can go as low as S$18 per sqm. M3M offers S$25 per sqm for a 500 to 999 sqm surface and S$18 per sqm for 1000 sqm and above. These prices are inclusive of standard surface preparation.

M3M has been in the business since 2012 and is committed to using advanced industry practices to give full customer satisfaction by doing the job well, by doing it right. For the past 7 years, M3M has developed a strong clientele by providing professional and utmost quality services.

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