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House Painting and coating is an important part of any property. It has benefits both in aesthetics and functionality. While you can do the paint job yourself, considering professional painting services in Singapore may be a good investment.

The painting process is a tedious task. Doing it yourself might be difficult. Hiring a professional service saves you time and effort. It also guarantees you a better quality of work. It is less likely for paint job mistakes, like botched and uneven paint jobs, to happen. Professional services uses various equipment to achieve a greater paint finish.

M3 Multiservices Pte Ltd provides a wide range of painting services, depending on what your wall needs. Some of the company’s services include painting and coating of the exterior and interior of your home and or building. Aside from painting services, the company also offers waterproofing, minor works in construction, and other general contract work.

For 9 years, M3M has built a loyal clientele. Fulfilling its mission of achieving full customer satisfaction, the company has helped its clients with its painting service as well as coating services, using the most updated and latest technologies.

Benefits of Painting services

House Painting Singapore

Some people might see professional painting services as a waste of money. However, house painting and coating services are actually a smart investment because of its aesthetic and functional benefits. Here are some of the advantages of having painting services and coating services for your home or office:

Aesthetic Appeal

Painting and coating make a space more visually appealing. With the use of paint, you can create your desired atmosphere for your home or office spaces. It also has the ability to create a mood; certain colors are relaxing, while others invigorate creativity and encourage you to work.

Economical Choice

Painting and coating services are an economical choice for your home or office. Having painted walls will save you time and effort as it is easier to clean. Also, painted and coated walls are more resilient, as the paint prevents deterioration of exterior and internal structure. Having a paint and coating service will save you money for renovation in the future.

Protection from Elements

By painting and coating, you are protecting the exterior and interior walls from natural elements, such as UV lights, rain, and wind. Moisture in walls can also cause mildew and mold to form. Natural elements can cause the structure of the walls of your house or office to weaken over time. Having your walls painted and coated adds another layer of protection to your structure.

Increase Value of Property

For those who are planning to re-sell their house in the future, a good paint job will help increase the value of your home. A well-painted property is visually appealing to potential buyers. It is also an easy way to show that the property is in tiptop shape.

~ Services ~

M3M offers a wide range of house painting services. The rates may differ depending on the paint and coat job your wall needs. Here are some of the rates for the company’s paint and coating services:

For Landed Property Exterior using premium weatherproof coatings $6,000
For Interior walls 3 to 4 room Condo $1,100 (negotiable)
For walls of HDB 3 room type $650.00
For walls of HDB 4 room type $750.00
For walls of HDB 5 room type $1050.00

In order to know the best option for your house, you may contact M3M for an on-site consultation.


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